LG’s Authorised Dealer Network

Authorised Dealer Network - LG O'Dea Solar & Electrical

LG’s Authorised Dealer Network

O’Dea Solar and Electrical our proud to be associated with LG Electronics Australia as part of LG’s Authorised Dealer Network.

LG Electronics Solar panels are experiencing increasing recognition within the Australian and international solar Industry as the premium solar panel of choice. The LG panels have been recognized as an industry leader in product development and performance with a number of awards, including the 2013 Inter solar award for the NeON panel (300w panel in the same size as most 250w panels)

LG Solar’s growth has been such in Australia that we are now the highest selling non Chinese manufactured Solar panel in the Australian Market for 2014.

LG is commited to being an industry leader in the solar industry in future and is showing this through its business strategy and development including;

  • Extensive product research and development, with over 243 patents in solar technology, the industry leading 300w NeON 60 cell module is a result of this.
  • Only manufacturer with testing facilities fully certified by TUV and UL
  • Extensive additional testing of panels including, Testing of panels at 4x IEC standards
  • Fully vertically integrated. Automated production facilities in Gumi South Korea.
  • Installing over 19MW of LG panels on LG group facilities, including 3.5MW on the solar factory.
  • Continued expansion of capacity in high efficient panels. (added 120MW of NEON panel capacity in 2014 and 240MW additional planned in 2015)
  • A clear roadmap of product innovation and development. 350w 60cel module scheduled for release in 2016, 400w planned for 2018.

Mono X NeON brochure

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